Saturday, March 06, 2010

Republican? Democrat? Libertarian? Man Without a Party....

I believe in "Liberty, and Justice, for All." YOU decide to what Political Party I truly belong...

That Racism, Sexism, and Homophobia have no rightful place in American Society. That who I marry is my business, and no one elses; and the only state role should be that of a 'recorder,' not a definer, of legal relationships.

That the United States must never, ever, under any circumstances, torture suspected terrorists or engage in the same tactics that they do.

That immigration has been a source of constant strenth, genius, and rejuvenation of the American Ideal, and that English is no more sacrosanct than any other language.

That no one should be prosecuted or jailed for a "crime" where there is no victim. That marijuana should not just be decriminalised, but legalized.

That America is held captive to the taboos of a Puritanical past. Public breast Feeding, nude sunbathing, consensual sexual activity between adults, and polyamorous and homosexual relationships are just as valid as any other consentual human expression of love, life and caring, and should not be criminalized or stigmatized.

That if I choose to smoke cigarettes, gamble on a sports event, wear a helmet when I ride my bike or wear seatbelts when I drive, it is MY business, and no one elses.

That I have a right to bear firearms and defend myself, my property, and others without anyone's permission.

That my right to Free Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Assembly and Association, Right Against self-incrimination, and Freedom of Religion are INVIOLABLE. That there *is* an implied Right to Privacy in the US Constitution, and that ALL federal rights must be guaranteed by the States as well.

That we are a Federal Republic, not a Democracy. That the Federal Government must not usurp the rights reserved to the States, and that neither the federal nor state governments may usurp the rights reserved to individuals.

That I have a right to order my own property my own way, without neighbors deciding how high my house should be, whether my mom can live in an adjacent apartment, whether I can fix cars in my garage or whether my dumpster should be allowed to be in "public view."

That I have the right to choose the best educational format for my child, whether in public, private, or a home education setting, without second-guessing by bureaucrats and other vested interests.

That I have the right to join a union if I choose, or to negotiate my own compensation if I choose.

That no one has a right to tell me how to run my business, what to pay my employees, what to offer for sale, or how much to charge.

That it *is* appropriate for government to provide for a common defense, maintain roads and essential services, and to charge me for the benefits I receive.

That it *is* appropriate for society to help those in medical, housing, or other distress, with a view towards helping them achieve independence where possible and on-going assistance where necessary.

That individuals should be encouraged and assisted in the achievement of their own independence and security wherever possible.

That whether you are black, white, asian, Native American, Latino, or mixed race; Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Atheist or of another faith; hetero, homo, bi, or asexual; male, female, transgender or hermaphriditic; native-born or immigrant; employed, unemployed, retired, or disabled; English, Spanish, French, Lakhota, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Chinese, German, or Portuguese-speaking: if you are HERE and you are HUMAN, then you have a right to your life, liberty, property, and pursuit of happiness.

That *NO ONE* - no government official, no clergyman, no law, no insurance company, no FDA or federal agency - has a right to stand between a physician and their patient in matters of medical treatment.

That voluntary business transactions between willing individuals should not be obstructed by government. That freedom and liberty requires the free movement of capital, products, and labor across state and international borders.

That pollution of the environment that results in an act of toxic trespass against all is an appropriate subject of government regulation.

That Police Officers are the servants, not the Superiors, of the citizenry.

That the military must be subject to, and not independent of, the Civil Authorities in all matters.

That the primary goals of a criminal justice system should be restitution for the Victim and reform of the criminal, not vengeance or punishment.

That wherever possible, taxes and fees should be realistically tied to the costs that my actions are incurring, and earmarked for appropriate remedial uses.

That since businesses retain profits when successful, they must never transfer losses to the public, and that bailouts, subsidies, and corporate grants are immoral transfers of wealth.

That Government Deficit Spending likewise effectuates a transfer of wealth from citizens to wealthy bondholders who lend funds to the US Government, and is therefore opporessive, regressive, and confiscatory by design.

I love America so much that I cry when reading the The New Colossus, singing the Star Spangled Banner, or watching the US Olympian Team...but also know we have a lot of growing up to do, and yes, we can even learn from more mature nations like France, England, and Germany.

So....Am I a Republican? Democrat? Libertarian? Independent? Loonie? Plain ol' frustrated American?


THE said...

Thom - I don't have an answer for you, because you don't fit into a neat little category. Many of your beliefs are definitely skewed left - but then you mess it all up with that libertarian stuff.

We're a lot alike, in that respect. I coulda been a Democrat, except I'm really a left socialist leaning sort, with a little libertarian thrown in.

Thank heaven this isn't high school. We'd be losers.


Anonymous said...

The Indepublicrat can certainly sympathize with your situation. It's not easy to be an independent thinker in a world that wants to apply labels to everyone and stuff them into pigeonholes. However, being an independent thinker is a double-good thing and something we should all aspire to. Why spoil that by taking on a label that doesn't quite fit?

Ricky Rich said...

I know how you feel. I label myself Dem for the sake of registering, but I find myself agreeing a lot more than I would like with people like Glenn Beck. I have a few too many right leaning and libertarian beliefs for my liberal friends.

J’raxis 270145 said...
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J’raxis 270145 said...

I think you’ll fare better as a Democrat.

There are issues that you care about that are going to draw opposition from membership and leadership of either party. One thing to think about is, which kind of opposition will be easier to deal with?

Talk to Rep. Joel Winters about what it’s like being a fiscally conservative Democrat who often votes against spending, the pro-union party line, and so on. And then talk to Reps. Anthony DiFruscia and Calvin Pratt about what it’s like to oppose the Republicans on social-conservative issues like same-sex marriage. DiFruscia is apparently so sick of the harassment that he’s planning to switch parties or go independent this year, for one.

If more and more people abandon the Republicans over what their shrill social conservatives are doing to the party, hopefully it’ll serve as a lesson to the leadership that they should stop supporting such blocs so strongly. The Republicans in New Hampshire have learnt their lesson about marijuana: The HRA recommends “vote your conscience” on decrim and medical marijuana bills, instead of placating the law-and-order types.

If people who would otherwise be good Republicans boycott the party over their stance on same-sex marriage, or similar, maybe things will change there, too.

Brandon said...

Applying labels can be so tricky; even amongst my most staunch Democrat friends, there's always some area they don't agree with the prevailing thought of the party at a given point in time. You obviously don't really fit the bill for any of the current parties. Closest might really be Libertarian, but even that's a bit of a stretch for you.

While certainly not a be-all-end-all, I do enjoy this little graphic here:
I'd certainly place you somewhere in the lower-right hand corner.

Toni said...

As a gay man with some of the same beliefs as you and some I just don't agree with I can't pick a label.

I don't believe marijuana should ever be legal we would be allowing young people who do not need it medically to make poor decisions based on peer pressure. You having 6 kids should see that this could be a nightmare.

I don't believe in helping people with public assistance indefinitely when they are healthy and able to work, I think its the demise of our country. Hand outs have never been good for any ones self respect. I personally think that those needing public assistance should be tested for mental illness. So many cases go un-noticed because as Americans we have for got how to "help a neighbor".

I can go on and on and I think some of your points are very valid and at the same time I think that politics just suck! As an entrepreneur I tell all my gay friends that "Unless you are a rich straight white man, it's hard to get into their game!" (me speaking about politics and the politicians)
As a gay man I think that we as a society are our own worst enemies. I see how other gay men treat those that are less attractive, we have our own prejudices within our own camp. If we can't treat our brothers with the same sexual orientation as us with the kind of respect we want hetero's to give us than we are not better than them! I think you are on the right track, but maybe just out of the lines a little!