Saturday, May 31, 2008

Shame on Dunkin' Donuts

I have been a Dunkin' Donuts junkie my whole life. Living across the street from one (on several occasions) helped develop and solidify my coffee addiction.
But this week's spinelessness has really made me second-guess patronizing them. In fact, I found myself driving right past THREE of them today, because I am so outraged at their lack of guts.
The above picture was an internet ad for Dunkin' Donuts, featuring Rachael Ray standing in front of cherry trees and the Oregon State Capitol Building. And oh my gosh, imagine this - she was actually wearing a Scarf!
Enter the Right-Wing Xenophobe wackos. Some bloggers (not to be edified by having their names repeated here) decided that this was an ad that glorified Palestinians, world wide jihad, and terrorism. The Oregon capital was questioned as an appropriate background (looks too much like a minaret, I guess). The Scarf was seen as Islamic (even though the pattern is Paisley, about as old-fashioned-American-Grandpa as you can get).
And Dunkin Donuts pulled the Ad.
Shame on them, and shame on the right-wing bloggers, for assuming terrorist symbolism. Perhaps some of these neanderthals need a lesson in Fashion.
Shame on them all for assuming that even if the actor was Arab, in Palestinian garb, that that is somehow an improper message. There are thousands of Americans of Arab or middle eastern descent, and they are just as much american as someone of German or African or Korean or English descent, and their traditonal garb *adds to* the smorgasboard that is America.
Shame on Dunking Donuts for caving in to racist, xenophobic hate-mongers.
I hope you can depend on these morons to buy your coffee.....because I will not.