Saturday, June 02, 2012

Feds, County Election Supervisors Stop Purge of Voters in Florida

On Martin Luther King Day this year, we reported that Republican leaders have responded to a shrinking party base by across the country by throwing up obstacles to prevent the young, the elderly, and naturalized citizens from voting  (Republicans Seek to Suppress Voters).  One of the most extensive efforts to purge voting rolls of democratic-leaning voters has been taking place in Florida under the direction of Gov. Rick Scott.

But on Thursday, the federal Justice Department insisted that the purge of voters from Florida voting rolls cease immediately, as the program violates federal law.

County Elections Supervisors agreed. In response to the Justice Department order, Ron Labasky, the general counsel to the state's 67 county election supervisors, issued a memo recommending

 "...that Supervisors of Elections cease any further action until the issues raised by the Department of Justice are resolved between the parties or by a Court.” Accordingly, all 67 County Supervisors have ceased implementing Scott's Purge.

Those Elections Supervisors have been pushing back against Scott's efforts, as they have discovered multiple errors in the Governor's purging system. The Palm Beach Post quoted Martin County Elections Supervisor Vicki Davis, president of the Florida State Association of Supervisors of Elections, as saying that the errors found in Scott's program, present in every county, made the planned purge "undoable."

Governor Scott has until June 6 (Wednesday) to respond to the Justice Department.

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